In 2001 from West Ham to Chelsea, Frank Lampard for the Stamford Bridge Rong Ma 13, 648 war and 211 ball, beyond Tamborin became the team history of the first striker, 13 years won 11 championships, including three Premier League championship, plus Champions League , The European Cup, the FA Cup and the League Cup, the club's top honor almost all in the bag, and help the Blues to achieve the European Grand Slam honor. In England, Chang Ming God lamp controversial Serge Savard Jersey, but 106 times the team history of the first seven Charlton, scored 29 goals tied for ninth, is still one of the three lions legend Andrew Shaw Jersey. After leaving the Blue Bridge in 2014, he played in Manchester City and New York City for 3 years, announced in February this year, retreat, the end of 21 years of career Jean Beliveau Jersey. ?Monaco demon mi Brabei has become the number one red transfer market this summer, rumors that many clubs have been shot for him over a hundred million pounds of astronomical transfer fee Shea Weber Jersey, but according to the gambling odds show that the French striker left the possibility of Monaco The most big, a giants may be futile. Bournemouth hopes to use the �� 100,000 weekly salary to persuade Terry to join the contract period is 12 months, and their coach Eddie - Hawi and Terry have also had a dialogue, we can see, Cherry Corps has taken Substantive step. According to the "Sun", Hawi hope to sign Terry, let him as Bournemouth's defense core, we can see that the veteran is still expected to play in the Premiership stadium heat, and even play a role in the mainstay.