From Ladbrokes odds, Mbabei this summer once the transfer, basically Real Madrid and Arsenal dispute, but if he continues to stay in Monaco, you can certainly get a stable playing opportunities, which for an 18-year-old player Said that it is very important, plus the World Cup next year, Mbapei may not be willing to take risks to other league encounter possible acclimatized and even substitute fate, as for Monaco, is also very willing to let Mbapei continue to appreciate, if no accident, a public giants This summer did not want to sign this famous fried chicken. European football transfer market will set off a reign of terror Peter Budaj Jersey, the goal of the giants hunting will be Monaco's supernova Muba Pei, "Sun" with an image of the picture to describe the French star on the gambling, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Arsenal for his robbed his head, four coach sat on the table, opened the big bucks of gambling! As a teenager born in 1998 Doug Harvey Jersey, Mbapi showed amazing talent in this season, played 58 times in various events on behalf of Monaco, scored a staggering 27 goals P. A. Parenteau Jersey, is Monaco won the absolute hero of the French league title, also Help the team into the Champions League semi-finals. Many scouts think Mbabei has the potential to become a new Henry, or the new alien "Ronaldo" potential Dale Weise Jersey, this genius to get giants of collective attention is not surprising.