Chelsea to win the Premiership championship, Terry also ended his blue bridge career Dustin Tokarski Jersey, into the hanging boots countdown. 36-year-old Terry called Chelsea team in the history of one of the greatest captain, the effectiveness of the club will be 688 war 65 balls, won the size of the championship 17, five times to dominate the Premiership, the Champions League and the European Cup win, Club tournament collective honor, to maintain the British defender scoring history, for 17 consecutive break into the 40 ball. Terry's perseverance and toughness, is the symbol of the former Jagged Blues, there is no tough temperament Andrei Markov Jersey, it is impossible in the Guardiola rate Barcelona swept the years of Europe, the less one was sentenced to a penalty in the Nou Camp after the final Tickets Daniel Carr Jersey, 2009 risk of three teams dream of three dreams dream. Raise the Premier League trophy after the rapids back, perhaps the best choice for Terry. In the 16/17 season with excellent performance to help Monaco won the French championship, and the dark horse posture into the Champions League semi-finals, Mbapi has become the object of the whole European giants chase Noah Juulsen Jersey. Rumors in Arsenal first offer 8700 pounds was rejected, Wenger a bite and reported a 122 million pounds, even higher than Real Madrid's 118 million pounds, far ahead of Manchester City's 105 million and Manchester United's 113 million, to see Up, Monaco will sooner or later fell in a giants of the gold and gold offensive, but the truth really so? The famous gambling debut for Mbabei out of 2017/18 season, the team's odds show that the demon star is likely to continue to stay Monaco - 10 compensation 11, and joined Real Madrid's odds of 1 to lose 2, Arsenal is a compensable 4, Manchester City, Manchester United and Paris, respectively, a compensation of 8,1 10 and 10 to lose 12.